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    文章作者:森帝蜂窩紙品發布時間:2016-04-26 06:25瀏覽次數:244

    Honeycomb carton because of its unique structure and the bearing capacity, by the people. A lot of customers on the honeycomb carton is becoming more and more popular.
    And belongs to the capital-intensive industries, corrugated carton industry relative excess capacity at present, the competition is more intense. Products due to the low threshold of industry manufacture, perfection of numerous manufacturers, atomised corrugated carton industry in our country. And corrugated carton industry average annual growth rate of capacity is higher than that of economic growth, corrugated carton production capacity is far more than the actual demand, relative excess capacity, industry competition.
    And raw material price fluctuations may bring to the company operating under pressure. In recent years, corrugated base paper and craft paper market price volatility in recent years, increased the difficulty of purchasing stock, to some extent, increased the company's operating pressure.
    Now many of the corrugated board to the honeycomb carton enterprise transformation, let the honeycomb carton enterprise also become chaotic. Many companies have no honeycomb cardboard production line, the but again want to foray into this business, had to buy around honeycomb carton, his back for processing, we commonly known as two-way merchants. It also makes the whole packaging industry fell into a bad cycle.
    Honeycomb carton large enterprises should grasp the good oneself of direction, not affected by the so-called vicious competition, actively guide the market. We will intensify reform technology, with good quality and cheap products. Nature in an impregnable position.
    Honeycomb cardboard with the world's third largest box packaging, with corrugated carton, wooden case together build structure of boxes of packaging industry. The honeycomb carton and for its very obvious advantages of \"out of the way out.
    Honeycomb carton application widely, tracking period honeycomb carton production continue to grow in our country, the boom of industry picked up year-on-year. Honeycomb carton manufacturers also are in place of the layout, how to expand, how to improve the production efficiency and so on.
    Mainly upstream of honeycomb cardboard carton board and paper honeycomb base paper, belongs to the pulp and paper industry. Honeycomb carton packaging related downstream industries, main communication IT and electronics industry (computers, mobile phones, etc.), home appliance (color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, small appliances, etc.), office equipment, copiers, fax machines, telephones, etc.), daily chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, light industry and machinery products and so on.
    In recent years, the rapid development of China's e-commerce has brought the \"secondary packaging\" demand continues to grow, also provide a good external environment for industry development, the future development of e-commerce is expected to become a new growth point of packaging industry. According to iresearch statistics show that in 2014 China's e-commerce market size of 12.3 trillion yuan, up 21.3% from a year earlier, in the next few years is expected to maintain steady and rapid growth, the electronic commerce market scale will reach 24.2 trillion yuan in 2018.
    Honeycomb paper production continue to grow in our country, by the 3057.01 3057 tons in 2013 to 3807.15 ten thousand tons in 2014, growth rate of 24.54%, compared with 8.82% growth rebounded in 2013. Although domestic macroeconomic slowdown resulted in honeycomb paperboard downstream industries growth is slowing, but downstream of the honeycomb cardboard box using relatively broad, it is not easily influenced by individual industries fluctuations, thus can be expected, the future of the honeycomb carton requirements under the background of economy to maintain moderate growth, there is still a certain market space, and the rapid development of e-commerce has brought new growth point for industry demand.
    Honeycomb carton do food packages containing several benefits. First, health environmental protection. Second, the buffer performance is strong. Third, sealed performance is good!
    The honeycomb carton packaging industry to better and faster development, you need to formulate unified standards, in strict accordance with the standard production, increase the intensity of independent innovation, the product upgrading, automation technology, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on comprehensive, but if you want to grasp the initiative in the market at home and abroad, the enterprise it is a long way to go.
    In front of the honeycomb carton packaging production enterprises abroad, trailing off packaging machine manufacturing enterprises in our country. Enterprises could not cope with the changes of the situation, industry development ideas and development does not adapt situation; Technology innovation ability is weak, technology progress, new product development has not been fundamentally get rid of the situation imitation research track, competitiveness is not strong, and efficiency of economic growth improve still is driven by size.
    In addition, as the world from the change of industrial economic era to knowledge economic era, with natural resources and labor as the main body of the production mode have already can't adapt to the development of the existing production enterprise and the demand of the market, so companies need to adopt high technology level of advanced automated production equipment to meet the needs of the sustainable development of the enterprise and market. The production-oriented enterprise urgent needs for the automation of packaging machinery. This is China's packaging machinery enterprises to be the development direction of thinking.